Routers, routers everywhere

I typed Northfield too quickly in my registration form.

The internet connection here at IL2008 has been bolstered by a bunch of additional wireless routers, and I can safely write this AND post it without getting kicked off the connection (I think).

It’s near the end of the day, and I’m in the E-Copyright: Online Tools session that I thought would help me understand what my colleagues in the graduate school have to deal with when obtaining copyright permission for readings that aren’t part of the library’s collection. And I am learning a bit, things I didn’t know before, but I don’t expect to have to recall much of this because my colleagues use an external company to handle copyright clearance. And I’m a little more grateful for that because this stuff is daunting.

Great sessions so far. I learned a lot of tips and tools for improving websites, and I look forward to launching into a couple of new projects this year.

More later. For now, check this out (it makes me smile):

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One Response to Routers, routers everywhere

  1. Rod Murray says:

    I thought that you and your audience might like to know that National Distance Learning Week is coming up this November 10. I just interviewed the National Director, Dr. Ken Hartman. You can hear the interview and learn more at

    Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D.

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