Last day of IL2008

A few more sessions to go before the end of the conference. I’ve been much more inspired by sessions where I learn new things (naturally!) from people who do different work than I.

There’s definitely a point of information saturation, so I took part of our lunch hour to get out of the conference center and take a close-up look at the Pacific.

My travel home will span two days, so I have time to process what I’ve heard and plan a few projects to complete by the end of the year. The first is one that I’ve wanted to do for a couple months: create a Firefox add-on for searching the library journal holdings (by title) and the catalog (probably by keyword).

The second plan is actually a revision of a plan I emailed to my boss on Friday before I left for Monterey: instead of waiting a few more months to assess our Ask a Librarian discussion forum in ANGEL, I want to start assessing the service right now. It’s been up for almost three months, and there’s already data I can use. I don’t need to wait.

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