A finger on the pulse

(Hello again, neglected blog.)

In order to best serve our online students, our library has access to all of the sections of all of the courses offered in ANGEL. A side effect of being in every single section is that we get a copy of every single email that’s sent to a course’s entire roster. At first, this seemed like a burden with only a teeny payout of being able to keep up with news and issues I might not otherwise hear about.citationpost

A recent example of this benefit was a flurry of messages from instructors (in different programs) reminding, pleading, and demanding that their students pay closer attention to the format of their references and citations.

A-ha! Sounds like a job for passive programming! (That’s a term from my residence life years, when I did passive programming such as posting a weekly weather report for my residents; active programming is more along the lines of breakfast with the custodial staff or a movie night.)

I added a post to our blog advertising or encouraging students to visit the section of their research guide regarding citing sources. This message appears within a feed on every graduate program’s library website. (See image) Hopefully this will catch our students’ eyes as they return to the library website to relocate the information their instructors expect them to include in these assignments.

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