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photo of Toni Josey

As the Distance Learning Librarian at Norwich University, I worked with the students, faculty, and staff of numerous online graduate programs and shared responsibilities for undergraduate class instruction and answering in-person and virtual reference questions.

My job combined all of my interests in library work: reference, instruction, and, most of all, supporting the needs of distance learning students. I received my MLS from Southern Connecticut State University as an online student, and I knew early on in my program that I wanted to work with a community of online learners. I was incredibly happy in my job at Norwich, back in the world of distance learning.

Then I left. I left the best job for the best opportunity.

As a stay-at-home parent, I am a distance learner once again: this time I’m not a student but a professional. I remain connected to the world of libraries and online learning through conversations in social media, local meetings, and conferences. I am a librarian, minus a parking permit and paycheck.

I look forward to what the next few years bring, personally and professionally. I see myself returning to a role where I support online learners unless some other opportunity presents itself; who knows by what door I’ll reenter the world of librarianship.

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One Response to About me

  1. Dear Toni,
    Now that the conference has ended, I am looking through the other bloggers’ sites, and wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading through your posts about the conference. How did they expect us to blog live without wireless connectivity?

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