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The gears are turning once again

During my time as a stay-at-home parent, I’ve kept up with our field through social media, local meetings, and conferences. Lately I find myself inspired to return to posting my thoughts on librarianship. This inspiration comes from events, articles, and … Continue reading

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A distance

There’s no other experience I’d leave my job at Norwich for than that of being a stay-at-home parent. Now being a distance learning librarian takes on a new meaning: I’m staying connected to libraries and online learning from a distance. … Continue reading

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Why do online students drop out?

I just read about a survey of students who dropped out of online degree and certificate programs. Money was the main reason students dropped out: 41% named financial challenges as the reason they dropped out, followed by life events (32%). … Continue reading

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Take my job!

(post updated 1/19/09) I am leaving my job in a few months. I’m a little sad about it because I love my job, so I want to leave it in good hands. Come apply for it if you think the … Continue reading

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A finger on the pulse

(Hello again, neglected blog.) In order to best serve our online students, our library has access to all of the sections of all of the courses offered in ANGEL. A side effect of being in every single section is that … Continue reading

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EULA will protect you from the devil

I subscribe to XKCD because it’s so darn good. (Stick figures rock.) After posting the link to Reasonable Agreement, I really must share Randall Munroe’s take on the End User License Agreement.

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Last day of IL2008

A few more sessions to go before the end of the conference. I’ve been much more inspired by sessions where I learn new things (naturally!) from people who do different work than I. There’s definitely a point of information saturation, … Continue reading

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